Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do you see me?

So there I was, under my lady's bed and she starts snapping the stupid pictures, what's up lady, I'm just laying under the bed with all your crap!

She had to get closer, then...
closer still. Sheesh, can't a guy hide under the bed without getting bothered?

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My "Little Bit" Toy

When I was but a mere wee pup, newly home after being broken out of the pound, my lady bought me this really cool toy. It was for little guys, which I was! You know me, I am super destructo guy when it comes to toys, rip 'em up and tear 'em to bits, that is my theory. But for some reason, not my puppy toy. Mom calls it "little bit" toy, cause she got it when I was just a little bit pup. She thinks she is so funny. But here I am loving on my toy. Hello my pretty, I am going to gaze at you adoringly.

Oh, let me give you a kiss and lick.

But this is my favorite thing to do with "little bit", I hold it up and run through the house while looking through the hole in the middle. Look, it even still has it's tag!

I hope I have "little bit" forever........
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cranky Dude

No picture, no good stories, I am just one cranky dude. It has been raining here in the Big D, raining A LOT. Which means no dog park, only short walks (cause it stops raining, we start walking and then the dam* rain starts again) and the dog door is shut, to keep me from tracking in the mud. Crapola on that.

So I've been doing my best, but it ain't good enough, I started chewing on the bed pillows again, cause I was bored, bored, BORED! Then I got in trouble and those same dang pillows got waved around in my face and it scared the living daylights outta me, so I ran and hid. I have never been hit with a pillow, or clothes, or anything, but when things starts waving around near me I FREAK OUT! So no more freakin' pillow chewing.

After the pillow chewing I barked at absolutely nothing. Then I pushed open the door into the garage and the garage door was open, so I ran for it. FREEEEEDOMMMM HAAAAA! I ran three blocks away and my lady had to come chase me in her car. Then I wouldn't let her catch me, and she got mad cause some stranger just stood there and laughed at her, instead of trying to help. Here's a dirty little Murph secret, when my lady calls "Murphey come", I only do it if I want to, and I didn't want to. I finally got caught cause my lady went into someone's backyard and I followed to see what was there and then she shut the gate and I was caught. Crap.

Then it was back home for more boring laying around. All in all, I'm feeling pretty pissy. I'm so peeved off, I read everybody's blogs today and didn't leave one comment, it's too hard to leave a comment when I'm so cranky. I heard three more days of rain, bummer.

Cranky Dude Murph

Thursday, May 24, 2007

She's Home, I'm so happy

I was so happy the lady came home. I jumped and I jumped and I jumped, then I jumped some more. I tried to lick her face, her leg, her arm, then some more jumping. I even followed her into the bathroom and tried to sit on her lap while she was, well, while she was, never mind, you know what she was trying to do! Then we went outside and I ran and jumped up on her some more. Oh I was so happy. Then she started unpacking and wow, all that jumping wore me out, and I couldn't even help her unpack, I just lay there with all her stuff.
Sleepy, happy me!

After my nap I made a discovery, the trash can! I jumped up and got this cool container. I ran to me bed to see what was in the container, hmmmm.


What more could a pup ask for, his lady and butter. Life is good.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's Happening?!

Thanks to everyone that wants to help me drive. First I have to figure out how to get the keys, once I do that I will plan my trip. Looks like I have a lot of places to go to so I can pick up all my buddies that want to go along. ROAD TRIP!!!!!!
There's something on the computer my lady uses to get maps and stuff, when she's not looking I'm gonna get on and plan my route. But first the keys....

Well, actually first is a visit to the dog park. Look at these foolish pups, fighting over a toy! Why would they do that when they could be........


and running.....

and running some more!

and finally running so freakin' fast that the stupid camera almost didn't catch me!

After all that running, it's time for a rest. I like to lay in the water by the water bowls, my tummy gets nice and wet and muddy! Muddy, I love it, my lady? Not so much.

Hey, once again I'm getting left behind, some stupid wedding in California and no dogs allowed. Sheesh, my lady's gotta get new friends and family, all this dog free crap sucks.

Post ya later dudes and dudettes.

Monday, May 14, 2007


There are two words that I love to hear,

LET'S GO!!!!

That means that where ever my lady is going, I GET TO GO~!~! And for me, that's good news.

When I hear those words I run to whichever door my lady is standing at, when it opens I run out so fast you can't even see me. Sometimes my leash is on and when I run out like that I end up going "GAGHHKKKKK!" and I fly up in the air and flip around, all because I'm moving faster than my lady and that darn collar yanks me back. Ya'd think I'd learn not to run out the door when the leash is attached, but hey, I'm too excited to think!

Other times the door we go out leads into the garage, and that is my FAVORITIST cause it means I'm going on a car ride, I LOVE THAT! I never have to get told to "Load Up" cause I am in the car so fast before the door is even open all the way. One time I whacked my head on the door when I was getting in, my stupid lady laughed at me, what a poop she is.
If we are going far I get buckled in with my own seatbelt. But most times we're just off to the dog park, so I jump in back.

See how happy I am?
I can stand up and look out the window and look for dogs to bark at. I always see some poor sucker of a dog getting walked down the street, I bark really loud to let them know that I am going somewhere fun! Bark Park Bark Park Bark Park! (I won't even talk about the times I get suckered into thinking I'm going to the dog park and I end up at the vet, or stupid Starbucks).

When I do end up at Starbucks, I get left in the car while my lady runs in to get her coffee. I look across the street and check out the Jack in the Box. I want one of those shakes I see on TV, but I never get one. or maybe a hamburger, or some fries, yeah, fries, that would taste good. I am such a poor deprived baby.....

Here I am contemplating how to drive. One day my lady is going to leave the keys in the car and I am gonna take off and leave her. I know I could do it if I could just figure out how to reach the gas pedal at the same time as the steering wheel. Maybe someday.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

In Honor of Fufu

When we joined Dogs with Blogs we knew it would be fun, but we never knew how attached we would become to our blogging buddies, nor did we realize the sadness we would feel at a buddie's passing.

I lift a paw in honor of you, dear Fufu, We'll miss you.

A sad Murph and His Lady

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Backyard Blues

I would much rather go to the dog park, but we haven't been in a few days. Instead it's backyard time. We have this really cool deck, but I decided to make a face and let the lady know "I am not happy about going in the backyard!"

I spend my time in the backyard doing three important things, I sniff, hoping to find a frog or two to catch. I like when they jump, then I jump, then I bark, it's really cool. Usually I only find frongs late at night, then I get in trouble for barking and waking the neighbors. Whatsup with that!? No frogs today.

So I sniffed some more, it smelled like SQUIRRELS! I hate those darn things. I bark when I see them and run fast and try to catch them. I haven't caught one yet, but I'm still young and there is still hope for me.

Then some more sniffing, did a cat pee back here? I hate when they come in my yard and pee.

After sniffing the whole back yard I find a stick or two to chew on. Munch, munch, munch.

Then it's time for my favorite activity, RUNNING! A few laps around the old yard, a few jumps on and off the deck, and my backyard activities are complete.

Well, except for the scratching. Nothing like a good scratch under the tree.

And here are some Mulberries that fell off our tree. I don't eat them cause them make me sick. There are so many of them and the birds and butterflies love them. Some of them have been there a long time (clean that deck lady) and they are starting to ferment. They smell kind of like cheap booze (or so I've been told). I wonder if they make the birds drunk? I wish they would make the squirrels drunk, then maybe I could catch one. Hmmmm. Drunk Squirrels, now that would be funny.

Just another day....

Thanks for all the advice on how to handle the ladies. I'm gonna try to be more attentive on my next date with the divine Ms. Sophie of Central Bark Park. Not to be confused with the divine Ms. Sophie of DWBs!

After the big date trip to the Dog Park, life kinda returned to the normal routine, except for one small thing, my lady COOKED. I mean, she actually went into the kitchen, chopped up fruits and veggies and made real food. I love it when she does that cause I get to hang out under her feet and wait for good stuff to fall 0n the floor. Once it hits the floor it's fair game for MEEEE!
Here I am chowing down on some yummy cantelope.

Now I'm chewing on some fabulous broccoli, crunch, crunch, crunch, I loves the raw broccoli, although I make really strange faces while eatting it. I think it's good for me and helps keep me from getting a broken butt, like poor old Tanner!
After all that cookin', it was time for my real dinner. Now, here's how I work this (and I KNOW I am not the only one to do this), I first move everything around in my bowl with my nose, I push it around, I sniff it, I even lick a little bit of it. After I have done that I gently, gently place a few bites in my mouth and then I....
Drop it on the floor next to the bowl! Come on guys, I know I'm not the only one to do this!

After I get about half on the floor, I eat what's left in the bowl. When the bowl is licked clean I then nibble up all the bites I dropped on the floor. My lady always asks if the ones I drop on the floor are my favorites. She asks "Are you saving the best for last?" But I'm not telling, there is a perfectly good reason for what I do, but no one needs to know but me. Sometimes I even leave a few bits on the floor for later!!!! But for some reason they usually get swept up before I can eat them, I've been told they might attract ants, whatever!

Yeah, my eatting habits might be strange, but really, I could care less.

Friday, May 04, 2007

My Date

I got taken to the dog park and my lady promised that my favorite girl Sophie would be there. I think I look mighty fine waitin' for her to show up. Fluffy tail, big old smile, nicely brushed coat, and trimmed nails.

Hey, is she here? I think that's her car...... I plan on being calm, cool and sophisticated when she gets out of her car.

Oh yeah! SOPHIEEEEEEE!! So much for calm, cool and sophisticated....

Running so fast to get to her that three of my feet aren't even touching the ground!

Hello there lovely lady!

Back off Izzie, you leave my little lady alone. We have plans today, big plans for our first date.

First we are going to share a drink, a boy always lets the girl drink first! See the pretty scarf she wore just for our date? It's green on one side and pink on the other, way cool. Notice I'm looking around to make sure no one tries to get in on our date.

Then it was time for a romantic stroll, I'm playing it very casual here, letting her set the pace.

Then I made my move, Hello Sophie! Let me walk right next to you. So far the date went right as planned, then

It got interrupted by a DOG RUN! Which I rather enjoyed, but it kind of made Sophie mad, cause she doesn't run. so she ignored me the rest of the time I was there.
Maybe next time the date will end better, if I can control my urge to run with the big dogs....

Hey, it must been brown dog day at the park, cause look, we were all brown or tan!!!!