Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Lake Shots!

While the peeps were working on the boat, I got to hang out on the dock and check out what they were doing.
Are you coming over to visit with me? I sure hope so, look how cute I am. But they would only visit with me while waiting in between varnish coats.
Hmmm, what's that over there, I think you missed a spot!

Hey, I'm getting bored over here, you had better come and rub my belly....
Are those ducks? I wonder if I could catch one of them, if they would come just a little closer, I bet I could. Maybe if I bark at them they will come visit.

That backfired, they all flew away when I did that.

So much to look at out here on the dock, I really enjoyed myself and I didn't throw up on the drive home, Whoo HOO.

Murph the Dog Posted by Picasa
Look at those bums resting in between working. You'd think they were on vacation or something!
And here I am when we were getting ready to go, can you tell what a good time I had by my smile? Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006

Going to the Lake

All week I heard my lady talking about going to the lake, I hoped I was going to get to go, but wasn't too sure. But hey, I did! It was my first car trip that was longer than 20 minutes, and I had to wear a darn harness, at least it was a nice blue that made my eyes look good! Here I am looking up front, trying to get a message to my lady, ummmm, I'm not feeling too well back here. She just thought I wanted up on her lap, and she kept saying stay in the back, like I could go anywhere else with the harness. I thought maybe if I laid down I would feel better, nope, not working, then I made the mistake of shutting my eyes, oh boy, up came breakfast. Not too sure I like these long car trips. At least my lady stopped after I threw up all my food. I tried to tell her, but she didn't get it!

We finally arrived at the lake, and then I was expected to walk the plank, hey, I've heard about walking the plank, and I'm not doing it! I walked about three steps, stood there for about ten minutes, then decided to go back to the car. I could see the water under the boards, no way was I going down. My lady had to come carry me a few steps and then walk with me the rest of the way. Ohhhh so slowly I moved, one little foot at a time, when I made it to the bottom I decided it was okay and started running towards my lady's friends. See me running?

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Right before I got sick, see how unhappy I look? And there my lady was, snapping pictures cause she thought I looked cute, CUTE?! I'm about to christen your car with my insides, and you think I'm cute? Oh, I showed her...... Posted by Picasa
Hey, this boat is cool! Let me check it out and make sure everything is ship shape. Yep, that looks pretty good over there.

Yep, looks good that way too. The wind seems just right, so get my life jacket and let's go!

Hey, what are you doing with that tape? What do you mean we aren't going sailing, this is a working weekend? Man, what a bummer, I was really looking forward to my first sailing trip and I couldn't wait to wear my too cool bright yellow life jacket with the handle, just in case I fall in they can pull me out by grabbing it. Not that I plan on falling in, but a guy's gotta be prepared.

So instead of sailing, it was work, work work, and once they started I couldn't even get on the boat anymore cause they thought I might get hair in the varnish, Sheesh.

I had fun anyway. Tomorrow I'll have some pictures of me hanging out on the dock, and one or two of the people "working."

Murph the Lake Dog

P.S. I only peed on the bed this trip, no on any people, I think I'm doing pretty good! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 27, 2006

Me and Sophie and Getting Chased!

That's my tail, my girlfriend Sophie and six dogs a chasin' . Then getting a little frisky with Sophie..... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back to the Dog Park

(having trouble loading pictures...more to follow)
Finally, we went back to the dog park, I had to promise not to pee on any unsuspecting men, but it was worth it to go to the dog park. See me looking out the window driving over? I look calm, but I was really storing up my energy so I could run like a wild man when we got there.

The first thing I did was get out, get sniffed and then I started running. Before I knew it, every dog there was running after me, seven dogs chasing me! It was so exciting, it's not a very good photog, but that's my tail in the front, Sophie, my girlfriend behind me, then the other dogs chasing me. People were screaming "Watch OUT!" Who was supposed to watch out, them, me, the other dogs? Who knows, heck, who cares, I was running! When a dog would get too close, I would dodge, or spin around and go under their legs. I leaped, I dodged, I turned so quickly that every other dog spun out on the dirt, WHOO HOOOOOO. Then people started laughing, "Look at him go (me!), they were shouting. "Did you see how he sped by my dog?", oh yeah, no one could catch me. Wait, I started to get tired, ummmm, now what I was thinking. I know, my lady will rescue me, so under her chair I went. Then she was surrounded by six big dogs, I mean one of them was a Burmese Mountain Dog, and he was a mountain of 125 pounds, but she didn't panic, well, maybe a little. Then everyone else's people came and grabbed their dogs. That was fun.

After I rested for a little while, I decided it was time to court Sophie. I tried to immediately "get on top" (nice way to say h*&^%@) , but she would have none of it, so I tried to charm her by kindly sniffing her hindquarters, nope that didn't work either. Okay, you asked for it Sophie, we went at it, wrestling and nipping and rolling all over the ground. My, I know she's sweet on me. Then when she was all worn out I decided it was time to get back on top, but bummer of all bummers, her lady picked Sophie up and said "time to go." Sheesh, can't a guy have a little action around here? Maybe next time.

Now it's raining and we can't go to the dog park today, too bad, maybe this weekend!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trying to be good

It turns out Mr. Piggy"s picture didn't get added, so here it is now! I love Mr. Piggy, I carry him around all day.

After day o' destruction (Mr. Piggy and Mr. Bear's fault), I decided I had better be good, so I listened, sat when I was told to sit, tried to stay when I was told to stay. I was doing really good, till we went to the dog park. Why was that dumb man sitting on the ground at a dog park? How was I to know I wasn't supposed to pee on his back?! I mean, really, his back was just there waiting for me, so I lifted the old leg and let 'er rip. Then I heard my lady yelling "NOOOOOOOO" and then she was running towards me and the guy started to panic, all he saw was some crazy person (Hee HEE, she looked really funny!) running right at him and yelling, he didn't know what I was doing behind his back, and that she was trying to get me to stop. Silly Lady! If she had just ignored it, he never would have known I marked him.....so then we had to leave the dog park, I heard her muttering about "being embarrassed and hoping never to see him again,". Why was she embarrassed? A dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do!

So the next day we went to another dog park! YEAH! Sniff, sniff, sniff, lift the old leg and pee on a guy's shoe and leg, I got told to stop AGAIN! What's with that, how come I'm not supposed to pee on people? I don't get it. Sheesh, what a bunch of party poopers, or party pee'ers.

So, here are some photogs of me chewing on my leather strap and resting after all that peeing.

Murph the pee dog

Friday, October 20, 2006

Day of Destruction

Oh, I had the best day ever yesterday, I got let out at lunch for my constipootional and constipeetional yesterday, and when I got put back, the crate door wasn't locked shut....Whaaaa Haaa HAAAAAAA (evil laugh). Smarty pants that I am I laid down like I was going to go back to sleep, but as soon as the front door shut, I got busy. Where to start, what to start with.....

First stop, the wood window sill, so good for chewing, can you see what a good job I did. After chewing on that for a while, I decided there must be bigger and better things to chew on - AH HA! My leather leash, ummmm, it feels so good to chew on that, let's just pull it up on the couch and work at it for a while, oops, what just happened? The handle feel off, wonder why, sure couldn't have been because I chewed through it, nah, must have been Mr. Piggy fault. I had better squeak him for a while to teach him a lesson, see me squeaking Mr. Piggy, too bad there's no sound, I love to squeak Mr. Piggy, really LOUDLY, especially when my lady watches TV.

Hmmmm, now what, hey, what's that up on the dresser, SLIPPERS?! Oh my goodness, slippers, hmmm, always wanted to kill me a pair of those, good thing I can jump high enough to grab one and pull it off. Kill the slippers, kill, kill! I tore the guts right out of thatdarn thing, flung it"s guts all around and then blessed it with some kleenex I found and tore up. Hmmm, better put Mr. Bear next to it so my lady will think Mr. Bear did it.

After all that it was time to rest, so I there I am, on top of my crate, when I hear my lady's car, I looked out (I hope she didn't see me), I jumped down and got in my crate and pretended I had never, ever left, all day, see how good I was, see how bad Mr. Piggy and Mr. Bear were? Maybe my lady will put them in the crate next time, and leave me out. We"ll see.....

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Someone asked what I get called, other than "Murphey, Oh Great One, King of the Household". Well, maybe I only get called "Oh Great One, King of the Household" in my head, but it should be my name. What I really get called is
Little Man
Scrappy-Doo (Judy's nickname for me)
and You little Sh&* (okay, only when I'm bad, which I have down to three or four times a day)

My lady's got to get another camera, her's is just to darn slow. She tried to snap a picture of me eating the window sill, but I ran away, can't prove it was me, it was that dog that visits only at night, I swear! (From "his lady", whenever he gets quiet I know he's doing something I don't like.....and it was to him chewing on the window sill)
Blog Later....

Murph the Dog

Monday, October 16, 2006

Things That Scare Me

I'm not really a nervous, scared dog but there are some things out there in the big, bad world that make me crazy with fear. Big Dogs, nah, Thunder, nope, Vacuums? not that either. Here is what scares the cr%# out of me, Filled Black Trash Bags! Oh my, once a month they leave those suckers out on the sidewalk for that big old noisy truck to pick up. And my lady expects me to walk by them, unhh, no WAY! I pull on the leash, I whine, I try to run into the street, I mean, heck, who knows what those nasty, big old things will do to me. And there they are, on the entire walk, in front of almost every house we walk by. My lady tried to get me to go up and sniff one, she even KICKED ONE! What is she, crazy, that thing could have attacked her or eaten her, or some other horrible thing. There is no way I am going to get near enough to sniff one of those things. So once a month we get to walk in the street, away from those trash bags, I feel safe there.

The second thing I am scared of, those tractor lawn watering things, whether they are squirting water out or not. Every morning we walk by one house that always has one on it's lawn. I would really like to grace that lawn with some of my precious pee, but I won't go near it when that scary lawn thing is on it. I see it, pull away and Bark, bark, bark, then a few growls to let it know that if it dares try to come near me, I'll take it down. I have to look back at it a few times to make sure it isn't following us. I sure hope that put that thing away when winter comes.

The last thing I am afraid of is the dog that seems to appear every night in my window. See me looking at him in my picture? I see the same dog in a mirror, Man, he drives me crazy. I can never hear him, but I can sure see him looking back at me, barking when I bark, shaking his head when I shake my head, so I stand there, look him right in the eye and Bark, bark, bark bark bark BARK BARK BARK. Then I get told to "Be Quiet". Be quiet? Doesn't she see that darn dog out there looking at me? Every night after dark he appears in the window, but he must be scared of me too, 'cause he has never tried to come in the house. It must be my manly BARK BARK that scares him off! Although he is rather a handsome dog, if I do say so myself, he kind of reminds me of me, but I still don't like seeing him out there, so BARK BARK BARRRRRRKKKKKK.

So, there it is, true confessions of what scares me, the usually fearless 11 pound terrier!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

DOG PARK!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, finally had our first visit to the dog park, and I LOVED IT! Oh my, I ran, I fought, I played, I plain old had a blast. Can you see me fighting with my new friend Joey? He's a terr-mutt like me, and did he ever like to play. See my teeth, grhhhhhhh!

Then we heard another car and we had to go look and see who was coming in, and it was Sophie! Sophie the Westie and she likes to run, ME TOO! See us running? I won every time, I am fast, fast, fast.

Then this really strange lady came by, she and her dog came in and she wouldn't take her dog off the leash. Poor thing, he looked like he wanted to play and run, but he couldn't. So I went by to visit, and she started yelling at me, "Get Away, GET AWAY!" This made all my dog buddies come to see what was happening and soon she and her dog were surrounded by three terriers and a beautiful golden, all trying to say "hello" with the doggie butt sniff. Then she really started screaming, "Help, Help, they're killing my dog!" WHAT THE!??? We were just sniffing, and saying "Hi". And Lady, "It's a DOG PARK!" What did she expect. So she gathered up her dog, ran out and yelled at our people that they all had "really badly behaved dogs." Ummm, whatever, she hasn't seen bad behavior. It sure was strange, and it gave our people something to talk about while we dogs did our dog things.

It was a very eventful trip and I plan on going again soon, wish I could drive myself there!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So Happy!

This is how happy I was that my lady came back from Oregon. I enjoyed being at Judy's, but nothing feels quite like home. Audrey treated me real nice this time, she actually played with me outside, chasing me and barking at me. She runs real slow, but I don't mind! At night she would come sleep in front of my crate so I didn't feel lonely. She even let me lay on top of her when I needed to nap after all the running.. I like that Audrey.

But when the lady got home, watch out. I ran all throughout the house, barking and jumping like a wild thing, then I went out the dog door and ran throughout the whole back yard, I had to let all those squirrels know I was home, grhhh, I hate squirrels.

Hey, I think I'm getting my winter coat, so thick and warm, except it isn't cold here yet. I look almost twice the size I am, that is how big my coat is. Not as big as Audrey's coat, though. Her fur makes her look HUGE. I'll try to get my lady to post a picture of Audrey, she looks like she weighs a hundred pounds, but she's really skinny under all her fur. I keep hearing my lady say, I hope that doesn't mean we're going to have a really cold winter.

Well, I had to steal some time for the computer. I post more later, I've got lots to do today.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Digging It......

I have decided it's true, we terriers do like to dig, and I especially like to dig so that I can bury things. Laundry day, I love laundry day because that is when I get ahold of great things to bury, socks, underwear, anything small and stinky. Can you see the sock in my mouth? That was the second pair I got ahold of, the first pair you can see hiding in the dirt. I got caught burying it, so it wasn't as hidden as I would have liked. I'm not sure how I get caught, but somehow when they see the dirt on my face they just know I was digging and burying things. What, a dog can't have a dirty face without being accused of digging?! Sheesh.

After all that rooting in the laundry, racing away with my treasure to bury, and digging, I was pretty tired and I found a nice, cool place to sleep, on the COFFEE TABLE! After I cleared everything off, I could spread out and sleep....I didn't get to stay there long, I got kicked off (not really kicked, so don't freak, I was just told "Off" and off I went, grumbling the whole way).
Bummer, I liked that coffee table.

Hey Buster, thanks for the advice on how to get food, I prefer the sneak approach, I jump up unexpectedly on anyone not paying attention and bash into the arm holding the food, which then flies through the air for me. They seem to be catching on to my ploy, but it still occasionally works with the unsuspecting!

T-man I like the way you think, be good, get the freedom. But Opy, your plan sounds good, get the freedom and then do the "dogs gone wild", so tempting. But I do like to have the run of the living room, so I guess I had better stop doing things like sleeping on the coffee table.

Hey Liberty, a green bean, I'll have to try one of those, but I really want to got upgraded to the ice cream, that stuff just looks so good and tasty.

Ah well, it's been a great weekend, I stay with Judy again for a few days, I'll try to stay out of trouble.